Sunday, February 19, 2012

Barbershop Photowalk

I needed to get my camera trigger finger active again from a long absence do to an injury. I intended to take pictures of the downtown area and the old buildings with old advertising painted on the side. However at the same time I was in dire need of a haircut. I notice the barber shop on the street was open. I dropped in hoping I could get a quick haircut.

Upon entering I felt that I took a step back in time. The barbershop had the style and appearance of the shops of old. My eyes were scanning everywhere seeing photo opportunities at every turn. I asked the lone employee if I can take pictures of the shop and the equipment after my haircut. She even volunteered additional information that Mike's barbershop down the street had one of the oldest barber chairs in town.

I had to take a look. I cracked open the door not even looking at the shop window. Asked Mike I heard you have one of the oldest chairs in town. With pride, "of course" and pointed to the store front window. He had made a shrine slash museum to the vintage tools of the trade. I felt like one of the men from Canadian Pickers stumbling across a big find. Only difference was I didn't ask the proprietor to part with any of his collection I just wanted to take some photos.

Mike was friendly and told me go ahead step up into the display if you like and if you know how to tilt the chair go right on ahead. He had even a old hair dryer that still works. Just the heating element was burnt out. The thing weighs 20 lbs I took his word I didn't dare touch anything.

Blade Sharpener

Hair Crimper

Refurbished Barber Chair

Old Barber Chair

Oldest barber chair in Swift Current, SK

Tools of the trade

Nickel & Chrome

20 lb Hair dryer

Lots of use out of this chair