Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opening Comments

Hello all. This is my first foray into blogging. I will periodically post entries to my blog on the subject of photography, predominately landscape photography and the various formats and techniques that are available to the amateur, and professional. Mostly amateur and novice as I am still discovering techniques and improving my skills and repertoire.

I will be concentrating mostly on black and white photography, and HDR (High Dynamic Range), I also like to experiment in other forms of photography but being close to the mountains and nature I predominantly prefer landscape photography.

Go to my Flickr page to view some of my shots.

From time to time I will also post links to upcoming photographers and seasoned ones as well to bring attention to their style.

First photographer that has been developing a style that I admire is Tracy Somerville.

Website: Be Beautiful Photography
linkedin: Be Beautiful Photography
Flickr: Be Beautiful Photographer on Flickr
Facebook: Be Beautiful Photography

If you are in the area of Lethbridge Alberta I would definitely look her up if you require any portrait photography.

This sums it up for my first post. Its a gorgeous day outside and I'm going for a bike ride. Oh did I forget to mention I am also an avid mountain biker and road cyclist. How do you think I get to scope out shooting locations? I'm packing my camera and I'm going "hunting" for some shots.

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