Sunday, March 4, 2012

Early Morning Photography

My first attempt at early morning photography is just an hour away. The night before I consulted the weather reports hoping it would be overcast and determining when the sun would crest the horizon. I set my timer so I wouldn't miss this opportunity to take "the shot" that I have envisioned since I started working in Swift Current. The sunrises are incredible here more so when there are clouds present. The clouds add extra drama to any shot and especially sunrises and sunsets.

I have been reading in bed and browsing the Internet since 5 am. I usually sleep in but because I set a goal of taking a sunrise shot my mind is extremely excited and has blocked me from any type of sleep. At most I slept for 5 hours I guess I will be taking cat naps during the day. Maybe my girlfriend's cat "Matisse" will join me.

I have gone through different scenarios and pictures I want to take. But the one I envisioned is on the road to work. There is a grain elevator on the way to work that I want to superimpose over a sunrise giving that golden glow I also hope that the birds that like to congregate at grain elevators work their magic and fly above the grain elevator. The other shot I want to do is a sweeping panoramic that is if a train is stationed next to the grain elevator. Using my 50 mm F1.4 I would take several concurrent photos and splice them in photoshop to make a print that could eventually grace someone's wall sometime in the future. I am being hopeful. But I am mostly doing this for myself.

I might do a time lapse of a sunrise maybe a sunset but that is a story for another blog post.

I'm jumping out of bed as my sweetie still sleeps and getting my cold weather gear out hoping there is also a light coating of frost on everything. I am also prepping my equipment ensuring I have my tripod.

To be continued...

Mike "Le photographeur"

Location:Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

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