Sunday, July 18, 2010

Road trip to Yellowstone National Park

I am currently making preparations to travel to Yellowstone National Park for the first time. Wishing I had a full frame camera. Ultimately I'd like the D3x and ensuring that the lens I have acquired over time are full frame capable. The D3s is a tempting alternative especially with its low light capabilities and its ability to take 720p HD video. Being predominately a landscape photographer with an interest in macro I tend to lean towards the D3x.

I have considered the D700 which would nicely complement my D300 with interchangeable hand grip and batteries.

I just wish I had a full frame camera for this trip especially to make use of the full range of the 14-24mm Nikon f2.8 lens. This only means I will have to return to Yellowstone when I eventually own a full frame camera.

On the plus side my D300 will be perfect with its cropped sensor to capture any wildlife that may be found in the Lamar valley. I recently acquired the TC-20E III 2x teleconverter to use with my 70-200mm Nikon f2.8 lens. Effective focal length will be 210-600mm with the teleconverter attached. With a higher pixel density of the D300 sensor it should make for sharp wildlife pictures.

With that focal range there is no question that I will have my camera resting on either a tripod or monopod to increase the stability of the shots. With the teleconverter attached I will also loose a few stops on exposure.

I am hoping to have access to the internet so I can post pictures while I'm away if not stay tuned for pictures on my Flickr page.

A bientot!

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