Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn in Jasper National Park

Yesterday I drove through Jasper National Park and the leaves were yellow and red. It was a visual delight for a photographer. There were many taking pictures from the side of the road.

I decided to venture off the road to an area with a cluster of Aspen trees in a meadow. I was in my little world taking pictures of the trees and leaves. The sky was full of clouds with a lot of blue which provided a very nice colour contrast. I took pictures knowing that these will look good in black and white as well. I also tried HDR however the wind was blowing hard I doubt any will turn out.

As I was walking out of the meadow a car did a quick u-turn on the park road. The passenger window rolled down. The couple inside asked me hey did you see some animals? I did a few km's back but I doubt they are still there. But at this location no. They completely missed the leaves and being able to enjoy what opportunity was given to them. Animals they will always present themselves at any time the time you least expect them. Leaves will only be this colour once a year if they were from another country they should capitalize on what is available while they are here.

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