Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Family Portraits

I have decided to venture into some portrait photography and group photography after I was requested to take fall family pictures for a friend's sister. I jumped to the opportunity as I am still at the stage where I am still exploring the possibilities of photography. When there are kids involved I am even more enthusiastic. I prefer more casual/natural setting photography than pure "formal" portrait photography. When kids and their family are allowed to do as they please the results can be the most natural looking pictures ever. You might even be surprised as a photographer if you take time to have fun with the kids and the family. The kids will even strike poses for you that feel comfortable and natural to them. What else could a photographer ask for, really?  So instead of just concentrating on the technical aspects of photography spend some quality time with the family there will be an impact in the poses and resulting photographs.

Take a look at this pose of the little fellow. It was towards the end of the shoot and he felt comfortable with me and even found a nice rock to sit on and pose for me. Technically the photo can be improved upon when he posed for me he was facing the large rock beside him casting a shadow on his face and eyes. But with a little help of software I was able to locally adjust exposure and
provide some fill light.

Here the older brother decided to play monkey bars with one of the branches of the tree. He hung on long enough for me to get several good pictures.

The family enjoyed themselves and they will have family photos to enjoy for a long time to come. The husband was relieved that I was able to take the family photos as they had been looking for someone to fulfill their desire for fall pictures for a while. Most professional photographers only offered studio type photography. I can see why they had a strong desire to have this done. Life is short and kids grow up fast and photos have the ability to recall joyous family moments.

I have to thank the family for this opportunity. I would do it again in a heart beat. Oh and thank you for supper too! :-)

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  1. Love the pose first picture and the hanging from the branch picture. :)